Jayne began her career as an artist relatively late compared to many artists. Discovering a love of art whilst supporting students in her local college she signed up to a foundation course and became immersed in all things art from that point on.

Almost instantly she was fascinated by three dimensional forms. With a love of drawing she felt compelled to bring those drawings to life as sculptures and so mark-making has been a very important part of her process from the beginning.

In order to visualize the pieces three dimensionally she will construct Marquette's using appropriate materials, for example, wood, wire, card, wax and metal, scaling them to get a more accurate sense of the structures. Sometimes these models will become the work and other times they will go to the next stage and become more solid pieces as is true for the Stool series.

The subject matter of Jayne's work is often simple in form but her process can be lengthy and rigorous producing large numbers of drawings and many models as she experiments with changing size, material, colour, creating new combinations and many more adjustments in order to reach either a point of resolution or a natural conclusion.